Overview of Processes

luca’s primary goal is to automate the identification of contact persons for venues, restaurants and locations and ease the Health Department’s identification of possible contact persons of infected persons.

The table below provides a high-level overview of the involved processes to achieve this goal. The chapters in this part explain each process in detail.

Process Name


Guest Registration

Set up a smartphone to use the Guest App in order to check-in at venues using luca.

Venue Registration

Register an event or a venue with the Luca system and enable it to check-in Guests via luca.

Health Department Registration

Onboard a Health Department to the Luca system.

Daily Public Key Rotation

Regular rotation of the daily keypair.

Check-In via Scanner or Operator App

Transmit encrypted contact information to the Health Department so it can be used for Tracing the Check-In History of an Infected Guest.

Tracing the Check-In History of an Infected Guest

Retrieve a Traced Guest’s Contact Data in case of an infection.

Generation of Static Badges, Badge Personalization, Badge Check-In

Set up a Static QR code Badge, personalize it with the Contact Data of its owner and use it to check-in at venues without using a smartphone.