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Im Gastraum des Ushido, Berlin, werden vier Gäste von einer Servicekraft bedient.

Ushido, Berlin: A Culinary Japan Journey

High-class Japanese BBQ and a heartfelt service that reflects the politeness and friendliness of Asia – this is what Ushido, located in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, is all about.

About Ushido

With Ushido, Yuki Sato and Yukie Shuto established Berlin’s first Yakiniku restaurant – a special place located in the heart of Helmholtzkiez. Yakiniku (“grilled meat”) describes the Japanese way to barbeque. It entails the guests preparing their own food on table grills.
Right from the entrance, the minimalistic, theme fitting interior takes the guests on a journey to Japan. This sets the mood for original Japanese specialities, provided by the kitchen and the bar in a thoughtful way. Each plate a loving arrangement. The pieces of meat, for example, come in the shape of roses, garnished with vegetables that can also be placed on the grill.

One step into Ushido means taking a journey to Japan

Grillgut, unter anderem Wagyū-Rindfleisch, auf einem Tisch des Berliner Yakiniku-Restaurants Ushido.

Food & Drinks

Translated literally, Ushido means “way of the beef”. The name sums up what lies in the concept’s centre: grilled beef of the highest quality. Japanese BBQ friends can for example order the famous Wagyu beef, one of the most tender and expensive kinds of beef in the world. This meat with fine white-red marbling offers a unique aroma. Ushido’s menu also includes other premium beef varieties such as Black Angus. The gas grills integrated into the tables then prepare the high-class meat in a particularly gentle way, which promises extraordinary grilling results.
The service staff advises guests on meat selection and preparation, recommends wine or sake and points to the right desserts.

Service is not just face-to-face contact but builds on the foundation of processes than run invisibly in the background.
Yuki Sato
Part owner Ushido

The host´s focus

Yuki Sato is a fan of digital processes, because “they can save you valuable time, which you can put back into personal, heartfelt service,” as he says. These two elements – automation and heart – do not contradict but complement each other. The guests can signify that they want to order or pay via service buttons at each table. The luca QR codes fit in with this automation concept by allowing the guests to pay independently. This way there is no time pressure for visitors who want to get to the cinema or the airport after a meal at Ushido’s.

What the luca team thinks

A stay at Ushido’s is special in terms of the quality of food and drinks, the visually appealing interior and the friendly and accommodating staff.

Ushido is a special place for …

… admirers of good beef and Japanese delicacies. They will get their money’s worth at Ushido and are happy to spend a little bit more for it.

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