Japanese BBQ in a class of its own

Japanese BBQ in a class of its own and courteous service that reflects the politeness and friendliness of the region – that’s what Ushido in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg is all about.

Eine Blüte aus Wagyu-Rindfleisch auf einem Teller mit Gemüsescheiben
Ushido Omakase Menü

Yakiniku (“grilled meat”) is the Japanese way of BBQ. The highlight here is that guests prepare their food the way they like it best at tabletop grills.

Yuki Sato and Yukie Shuto have opened Ushido, Berlin’s first Yakiniku restaurant – a special kind of experience restaurant, located in the middle of the Helmholtzkiez.


The interior – very minimalist in form and color – takes guests on a journey to Japan right at the entrance, getting them in the mood for original Japanese specialities from the kitchen and bar.


Each plate is lovingly arranged, the pieces of meat, for example, sometimes come arranged in the shape of roses, garnished with pieces of vegetables that can also be placed on the grill.

Logo des Ushido in Berlin.

The “Way of the Beef”

Literally translated, Ushido means “way of the cattle”. The name sums up what the restaurant primarily stands for: grilled beef of the highest quality. Here, lovers of Japanese BBQ get meat from the famous Wagyu beef, the best and most expensive beef in the world. The meat, which has a fine white-red marbling, melts on the tongue and has a unique aroma.


In addition to Wagyu, Ushido’s menu includes other premium beef varieties, such as Black Angus. The gas grills integrated into the tables cook the meat in a particularly gentle way and ensure a perfect grilling result.


The staff advises guests on meat selection and preparation, recommends wine or sake and the appropriate dessert.

Original japanisches Wagyu-RIndfleisch

A stay at Ushido is special in every way

Im Gastraum des Ushido, Berlin, werden vier Gäste von einer Servicekraft bedient.

Yuki Sato is a fan of digital processes because, he says, they “can save you valuable time, which you can then put back into personal, warm service.” These two elements – automation and cordiality – are not in contradiction here, but complement each other. That is why he also uses luca as a means of payment, and has done so almost since the beginning.

Ushido at a glance


Japanese BBQ

High quality


The restaurant in 3 words:


Casual Fine Dining


Our recommendation:

The Ushido Omakase – Chef’s Choice (Important: Only with pre-order!)

Suitable for:

Beef and Japanese delicacies aficionados

Price range:


Opening hours:

Monday – Thursday: 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Friday – Sunday: 17:00 h – 23:00 h


Lychener Street 18, 10437 Berlin

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