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Inside Café Frieda.

Top Breakfast Spots in Berlin: For a perfect start to the day

To have a perfect start to a day full of exciting possibilities, a hearty breakfast or brunch is essential. That’s why we present you outstanding locations in Berlin that stand out with their unique breakfast options.

Factory Girl

At FACTORYGIRL, Sofia D. Sözen is the owner and an inspiring personality. Their goal is to present diners with Turkish cuisine that is not only fat- and meat-heavy, but also healthy and happy at the same time.


For this reason, a variety of delicious Turkish-Mediterranean specialties await you in vegetarian and vegan options. Whether lukewarm cinnamon buns, hearty scrambled eggs or the specially created dessert Coco Anjéla – here everyone will find something for their palate.




This is special: vegan and vegetarian selection


Atmosphere: hip and modern cafe


The restaurant in 3 words: modern, aromatic, Turkish


Our tip: Coco Anjéla – the most popular and specially created dessert of the founder.

Café Frieda

Inside Café Frieda.

Café Frieda is a modern café and restaurant located on Helmholtzplatz. The special atmosphere in the Parisian flair and the unique surroundings make every visit an unforgettable experience.


Homemade sourdough bread and hand-rolled croissants fresh from the oven – the soothing aroma of baked goods will enchant you. The kitchen also uses only seasonal products from Brandenburg and Europe. The motto, which is lived here: COFFEE, FOOD, BREAD, WINE, MUSIC. THE THINGS THAT MATTER.


Specialties find a place on your plate here, like the spelt croissant with creamy burrata and sweet syrup. The homemade sourdough bread, on the other hand, you can enjoy with savory ham, jam or Gouda.




This is special: Bistro in retro ambience


Atmosphere: Parisian flair in the middle of Berlin


The restaurant in 3 words: sustainable, lively, extravagant


Our tip: creamy homemade soft ice cream from raw milk

Café au Lait

You can start your day in the heart of City West at Café au Lait with mixed plates and bowls of porridge, granola and fruit. The breakfast plates here are colorful, with cold cuts or salmon, vegetarian or vegan. The Café au Lait breakfast for two is truly opulent.


The family-run café reflects the diversity of the city, as traditional dishes from around the world are united here to be enjoyed together.



That is special: Family-run by father and son since 1980


Atmosphere: Cozy rooms with attention to detail


The restaurant in 3 words: warm, rich, epicurean


Our tip: the breakfast smoothie made from apple, banana and berries, mixed with oatmeal, coconut milk and chia seeds – the ultimate power mix!


Price range: € – €€