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Eine Frau mit langen braunen Haaren sitzt mit dem Rücken zur Kamera in der Mezze Bar, Berlin. Im Hintergrund im Speiseraum herrscht geschäftiges Treiben.

The Mezze Bar – a place of well-being in Prenzlauer Berg

Casual fine dining, Levantine cuisine, and family ambiance are the three ingredients of the restaurant concept. The numerous regulars appreciate this. 

Co-owner Shimon Rokhlin is happy about the guest community that has established itself in the Mezze Bar. “Around 50 % of our guests are regulars,” he says. “It’s like a little family, and I think it’s great that we’ve been able to build something like this here.” 

Menus to enjoy together 

Mezze: Mediterrane Tapas

Chef’s recommendation: a Fine de Claire oyster and a tequila cocktail with sea salt to start, followed by a shrimp carpaccio with chili and fresh coriander, accompanied by a Lillet rosé cocktail.

Shimon picked up the tradition ofmezze“, a kind of tapas, from his country of origin, Israel. There is something very communicative about Mediterranean delicacies: because the main thing is to spend time together and enjoy 

The Mezze Bars surprise menu  


Very popular is the “Chef’s Choice”, a kind of surprise menu based on the slogan “Tell us what you don’t eat, and we’ll tell you what you will eat”. Guests indicate whether they want to eat meat or fish, vegetarian or vegan, have any allergies, or don’t like certain ingredients. The staff then put together a special menu. 

Guests can choose a wine or cocktail pairing to go with the menu. When preparing the cocktails, the bartenders play with ingredients used in the kitchen, such as cardamom, preserved lemon, oriental spice blends like za’atar and ras el hanout, date syrup, and ginger. A cocktail with tequila and sea salt accompanies an oyster starter, for example. 

The special something about fine dining 


Cutting-edge digital tools allow the staff at Mezze Bar to pay more attention to their guests, pampering them with friendliness and little extras on the house – just that mix of fun and professionalism that makes casual fine dining so special.

Many people come to us who already have luca on their smartphones and ask if they can collect luca Points with us.

Shimon Rokhlin, co-owner Mezze Bar

Shimon defines luca as enriching: “For the guests, luca definitely has an experience factor. They collect luca Points they can use elsewhere. If the recommendations in the app continue to maintain a high standard, luca can develop into a quality benchmark for the restaurant industry. Maybe one day people will no longer look for restaurants in the Michelin Guide, but on luca,” he says with a twinkle in his eye. 

If you feel like exploring more luca restaurants, simply open your luca app’s discovery tab or scroll through our list of restaurants.

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