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Zwei lachende Baristas hinter einem Tresen. Das luca Locations U als Wasserzeichen darüber.
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  • Recommend contacts and friends quickly and easily
  • Receive up to €150 per referral
  • No upper limit

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The luca referral program: attractive, transparent, and fair

This is how easy you can earn extra money through your network.

As of the 1st recommendation
Level 1

50 € per recommendation*

As of the 2nd recommendation
Level 2

75 € per recommendation*

As of the 5th recommendation
Level 3

150 € per recommendation*

*A recommendation is considered eligible for a reward if the customer: (1) does not already operate a luca Pay account or have a terminal in use. (2) has carried out transactions totaling at least €5,000 following registration; (3) has had no contact with luca support or sales in the last 6 months. A condition for participation is independent, freelance, or entrepreneurial activity, within the scope of which the recommendation is made as a service and invoiced. (4) As participants in the program, it is required to have a registered business.