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Your advantages at a glance

  • Recommend contacts and friends quickly and easily
  • Receive up to €250 per referral
  • Payout in 24 h to your own bank account or in real-time to your luca Wallet
  • No upper limit

Advantages for your network


More time for
personal service


Faster payment process


Higher tip

Top conditions for your network!


No fixed contract term

Monthly fees

0,00 €

Transaction fees

0,9 % + 0,05 €

Payment to the deposited bank account

Currently free of charge

The luca referral program: attractive, transparent, and fair

This is how easy you can earn extra money through your network.

As of the 1st recommendation
Level 1

120 € per recommendation*

(Payout in luca Points to luca Wallet. Alternatively 100 € by bank transfer).
As of the 2nd recommendation
Level 2

180 € per recommendation*

(Payout in luca Points to luca Wallet. Alternatively 150 € by bank transfer).
As of the 5th recommendation
Level 3

250 € per recommendation*

(Payout in luca Points to luca Wallet. Alternatively 200 € by bank transfer).
* A recommendation is considered eligible for an award if the customer (1) does not yet operate a luca Pay account; (2) has conducted transactions totaling at least 2,000 € after registering; (3) has had no contact with luca support or sales in the last 6 months. The condition for participation is a self-employed, freelance or entrepreneurial activity in the context of which the recommendation is provided and invoiced as a service.

Answers to frequently asked questions about the luca referral program

luca Points is our offer to you to make the most of your first-class moments. For this we have developed a system that allows you to save time and money every time you pay with luca. With luca Points, you can collect or use points at participating luca locations to take advantage of discounts.

To save on your bill with your collected points, scan the luca QR code with your luca App as usual. After you start the payment process, you will see how many points you have available and how many points you will collect with the payment for your next visits. Choose whether you want to use your accumulated points for this payment. Then the app will show you your reduced amount, which you then confirm.

No. Your bank and payment details are not stored in our system, but only processed by Rapyd. This is an established payment provider that focuses on the European market and local requirements. You can find more info about Rapyd here. In addition to being processed by Rapyd, the data resides locally in your app on your smartphone and is thus not visible to anyone but you – only you can access the data stored for your payments at Rapyd.

Yes. You don’t have to worry about your data and payment information. These are protected and processed in accordance with the GDPR. The transactions are carried out by Rapyd, an established payment provider that focuses on the European market and local requirements. You can find more info about Rapyd here. In addition, we place particular emphasis on data protection and act in accordance with the GDPR. You can find everything about data security at luca in our privacy policy.

Yes. You can quickly and easily link your account to an email address in your luca app, give your consent to the terms and conditions of the payment service provider Rapyd, and then immediately start saving with luca Points. Rapyd is an established payment service provider focused on the European market. You can use your account to log in on multiple devices in the future – but please note that you cannot link existing payments from multiple devices to the same email address.

To get started with luca Points, we’ll cover 10 % of your bill. In addition, you will receive luca Points to use on your next visit! With each additional bill you pay via the luca App, you collect luca Points, and can use your saved points as a discount for your current payment – or continue saving. An example: You collected 1000 luca Points during your last visit. Today your bill is 100,00 €. Now you can use your 1000 luca Points (=10,00 €) as a discount or continue saving. In addition, you collect luca Points. In this example it would be 500-1000 luca Points.

In your luca App, there is a “My luca” section. There you can see your points and what value they correspond to in €. In addition, you will find a list of all payments for which you have collected and used points. Even directly during the payment process, you can see in your luca App how many points are available to you and what value they correspond to.

Search for “luca App” in the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android). If you already have the app installed, you just need to click “update” here. If there is no option to update, it seems that your luca App is already up-to-date.

You can download the luca app on devices with iOS (from version 14) in the Apple App Store or on smartphones with an Android operating system (from version 5) in the Google Playstore. Here you can find the direct links to the apps.

You can earn points without an account or the app – but you can use them with your account via the app. You have the possibility to transfer points collected via the webapp to your account in the app. This is how it works: Enter your email address via the web app after making a payment. Once the cache is cleared or if you use an incognito tab, luca Points collected via the web app are not transferable.

You can collect and use luca Points at participating luca locations that have been activated by luca for this purpose.

Your accumulated points do not expire at the moment. You can collect them and use them whenever you want. You can find more information about this in our terms of use.

You can’t pay your entire bill with luca Points – at least €1.00 must be paid through luca. You can earn a maximum of 10,000 luca Points for one payment, which is the equivalent of €100.00.