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Eine klassische Margarita

The best cocktail bars in Berlin

How do you like cocktails best: classic or experimental, fruity or rather tart? No matter, which Cocktail-type you are in our selection you will find your favorite cocktailbars in Berlin.


The heart of the KINK -bar is a very special tool: a rotary evaporator. Herbs, spices and other ingredients are used here to create oils and essences that give the drinks a unique touch. An Example?Dara’s Maverick”, a vodka cocktail with passion fruit and orange blossom, with the twist of an oriental spice blend called Ras El-Hanout, – homemade, of course.


Where? Schönhauser Allee 176, 10119 Berlin


Opening hours: Mon-Fri from 11 am, Sat & Sun from 4 pm

Stylische Bar des KINK

Bar manager Elias Heintz is an actor at heart.ch actor. Also for this reason, a bar evening at Bonvivant something of a performance. The slogan of the Bar menu – 
“Drinking with Experiences” –  meets the concept very well. The drinks have names like “Masala & Stone Fruit”, “Rhubarb & Goat”, “Smoke and Apricot”, “Marshmallow and Dragon Chili”. In this blog article you will learn more about the Concept of the Bonvivant.

Everything else you best explore yourself!


Where? Goltzstraße 32, 10781 Berlin


Opening Hours:
Dinner & Drinks: Tue-Sat from 6 p.m.; Brunch: Sat & Sun 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

Der Barchef des Bonvivant, Elias Heintz
Mezze Bar

In keeping with the Levante cuisine, the bar staff of the Mezze Bar with Mediterranean and oriental specialties: Some cocktails contain Arabic spice blends, herbs or loomi – limes dried in the sun. Look forward to promising drinks like “Climax”, “Euphoria” and “Supersonic”.


By the way: Co-owner Shimon Rokhlin told us what makes the
Mezze bar a feel-good place in Prenzlauer Berg.


Where? Strassburger Street 33, 10405 Berlin


Opening hours: 
Tue-Sat 6pm-2pm

Ein Cocktail mit Pistazie.

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