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Here you will find an extensive collection of frequently asked questions, onboarding materials, and support resources to best assist you with all your concerns.

Zwei männliche Servicekräfte sehen sich ein Tablet als mobildes Kassensystem an.

Your luca manual

If you’re looking for a smooth and successful start into luca, you’ve come to the right place. This page provides you with a comprehensive collection of information and resources to help you easily navigate the onboarding process with us. Whether you have questions, are looking for guidance, or need support, we have everything you need to get off to the perfect start!

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More visibility for potential guests


Create and manage experiences

luca Reservations:

This is how your guests can book a table

Guide to luca Reservations:

Settings, manage bookings, and more!

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luca Points: The loyalty points system for your guests & service staff

Every time you pay with luca, your guests collect luca Points. The points can be used on the next visits via the luca App to receive a direct discount on the bill. Best of all: Not only your guests benefit from luca Points!

Zwei Handybildschirme, auf denen die Punkte-Oberfläche des Treuepunktesystems für die Gastro, luca Points, zu sehen sind.

luca Reservations

The only system for online reservations that your business needs. Save time, attract new guests, and prevent no-shows with luca Reservations.

Smartphone und Tablet-Ansicht des Reservierungstools von luca

We have answers to your questions!

With luca you can digitalize your gastronomic work processes: fromnding via Ordering up to the payment. We also put our technology to work exactly where it makes your day-to-day business easier. This leaves you more time for what really counts: your guests.

luca Locations is the tool for operators.


This tool forms a platform that is derived from the


  • luca Locations app for mobile devices and
  • Web Locations – the Internet access to locations



The platform thus maps several luca functions, such as luca Pay and reservations.

Web Locations -The central contact point for operators.


About Web Sites …

  • … you can access all your payment transactions clearly, in real time and at any place.
  • … you can have your earned money paid out at any time and automatically generate statements for flexibly customizable time windows.
  • … you can set your tables and areas as well as your preferences regarding pay and reservations.
  • … you can design your visibility for guests: Choose keywords that describe your ambience and cuisine, add opening hours and Wi-Fi access information, link to your website or menu, and enter your Wi-Fi access information.
  • … you can give your staff extra tips in the form of luca points.

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luca Locations App The tool for everyday use


About the luca Locations App …

  • … you can access all your payment transactions clearly, in real time and at any place.
  • … you can generate QR codes for payments you want to initiate manually with just one click.


Download now:

App Store

/ Google Play Store

Yes! If you activate the detection function in your web LocationsProfile, your location in the luca App in the range “Discover” is displayed. Refine your appearance, by making your menu, your web page, Opening hours and Add descriptions. With this you make the luca App users:inside to your location and convince them of your offer..

luca can into different cash register systems like Vectron, Hypersoft, Gastronovi, eCOS, Lightspeed etc. integrated be Wdh luca can be used with you, we clarify ghene in the Setat-process.

Your guests automatically receive luca points with every payment they settle via the luca app. You don’t have to set anything for guests to earn points in your location. With each payment, your guest has the choice to use the accumulated points as a discount or to continue accumulating them.



If a guest pays without the luca app, the points can be collected but not used. However, by simply transferring them to the app, the points can be used.



Here’s how:
After payment via the webapp, the guest is actively prompted to enter their email address. Once this is done, the guest will receive a confirmation email at the address provided. After logging into the luca app with the confirmed email address, the collected luca Points are immediately available.


Important! If the cache is cleared or an incognito tab is used, the luca points collected via the webapp will expire.

In the current version, the guest cannot choose how many of the collected points are redeemed – either all points can be used or none.

Moreover, the guest cannot pay the entire bill with luca Points – at least €1.00 must be paid via the selected payment method. In addition, the guest can collect a maximum of 10,000 points in one payment – the equivalent of €100.00.

Our support is available 24/7. You can reach us at +49 30 221 838 555 or atr by e-mail to Locations@luca-app.com.