Rewarding the everyday champions of the restaurant industry

luca says thank you – to all those who bring us delicious food and good coffee every day, along with our favourite drink to kick off the weekend. And often don’t get their deserved appreciation – so thank you, champions of the gastronomy trade!

Anyone who has ever worked in the restaurant industry knows how exhausting it can be to work in this profession. And how demotivating it can be when one’s own commitment is not appreciated by the guests.

Recognition and respect – a matter of fact?

In a study commissioned by Jägermeister, 70 % of the interviewed bartenders reported that they regularly have trouble with guests. In addition, this study shows that tipping is not a matter of routine for many people in Germany (as of March 2022). According to a survey by Mediaschool Bayern, inflation and increased energy prices are the reason why tipping is declining even further overall.

We believe: Tipping should be a natural thing to do! And that’s why we support you – the people who have contributed so much to getting social life back on track after the pandemic.

More tips with luca Points

We have been increasing your tips for some time now with our “Tip-Top-Up” campaign: If a guest pays with luca and tips you this way, we automatically top up this amount by 10 %.   

But that was just the beginning: Now you as well can collect luca Points to save money on your next restaurant visit – just like your guests. You receive an additional tip in luca Points. How? Every time a guest pays with luca, you receive 20 % of the paid tip in luca Points as well.

Sign up for the additional bonus system

The basic prerequisite for using the bonus system is, of course, that your employer uses luca as a payment system. If they are not yet using luca, they can easily register on our website. If they are already using luca, two further steps are required:

  1. Your employer enters your email address in the luca Locations dashboard.
  2. With the same email address, you set up an account for luca Points in the luca App on your own smartphone. You then have to confirm this email address once.

From then on, every time a guest pays you with luca, luca points are automatically credited to your private luca App. You can then use these points to pay at other restaurants, bars and clubs that use luca. (You can find out how to do this in our blog post on luca Points).

That’s how we say thank you! After all, the work of everyday champions deserves to be properly rewarded.

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