Great Greek Hospitality

Greek connoisseurs know it, and everyone else suspects it: Greek food is first for the soul and socializing – and then for getting filled.


At the Neféli tavern in Charlottenburg, both are top priorities. Here, guests are treated to authentic, excellent Greek dishes, while the attentive service ensures a convivial atmosphere.

A suitable namepatron

The name says it all at this Berlin restaurant. After all, “Neféli” originates from no less a story than Greek mythology itself: in the form of cloud nymph “Nephele“, a goddess of hospitality, generosity, loyalty and peace. 

Great Greek food has a permanent address

The two founders brought their love of Greek hospitality culture with them from their Greek homeland. Accountant Athanasios and hotelier Nikos wanted to bring this soul-stirring dining experience to Berlin – the “most beautiful city”, as Athanasios emphasizes.  

So the friends opened Neféli together near Charlottenburg’s Kantstraße in early 2023. Authentic and fresh Greek food has been a firm favourite here ever since.  

A Moussaka like no other


If you click through the (very good) internet reviews of the tavern, the crowd pleaser on the menu quickly pops up: the moussaka. One Google reviewer emphasizes that this Greek classic of Neféli “is much more than that: [it is] masterfully presented like a work of art”.   

A delicious tour across the menu 


It’s true: The chef emphasizes fresh ingredients and authentic preparation, while at the same time pursuing modern interpretations. The result are delicious dishes such as Faki Beluga: a starter salad made from black beluga lentils with a particularly tasty dressing. Other starters such as the classic tzatziki and aubergine cream are also worth ordering, especially with the crusty bread.  

The selection of main courses at Neféli is not gigantic, which speaks in favour of its high quality. For example, there are souvlakias and stuffed minced meat rolls. Another favourite is the Ochtopadi Skaras: two octopus tentacles served with fava purée made from Santorini beans.   

In addition to the menu, there is a regularly changing daily special and several desserts (such as the traditional honey cake).   

In keeping with this, the well-thought-out wine list is almost worth a visit in its own right. The many open options represent all the country’s wine-growing regions – here you’ll find the right pairing for every meal. 


The restaurant’s few seats are very popular. Just 22 guests fit in here – a benefit for the ambiance, we think, as the intimate size makes for even more familiarity. A great alternative to noisy Kantstraße restaurants, especially on busy weekends! 

Neféli at a glance



Casual dining


The restaurant in 3 words:



modern interpretation

Our recommendation:

The trilogy of appetizers with tzatziki, Fava Santorini, and Faki Beluga, served with crispy bread, drizzled with Cretan olive oil

Suitable for:

People who want to enjoy a few hours of Greek hospitality

Price range:


Opening hours:

Friday to Saturday 17:30 h – 00:00 h

Monday to Thursday 5:30 pm – 11:30 pm


Suarezstraße 49, 14057 Berlin

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