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luca Points – the first loyalty points system for the restaurant industry

How can I elegantly award a loyalty bonus to regular guests and build on customer loyalty in the process? The answer is: luca Points.

On December 01, 2022, our loyalty system luca Points kicks off. In a one-off discount promotion, luca will give your guests a 10 % discount on their bill when they pay for the first time with luca.


Here’s how luca Points works

Key info about luca Points

luca Points is a loyalty program similar to what is already common in other areas of life. However, it is the first loyalty program for the restaurant industry.

After luca has initially refunded 10% of the bill directly to your customers, the guests then continue to collect points, so-called luca Points, when paying with the luca App. luca credits them a certain percentage of the respective bill amount in luca Points, which they can use the next time they visit a luca location. They can also continue to collect loyalty points in order to pay a larger percentage of their bill with luca Points at some time in the future.

Good to know: At least €1 of the invoice amount must be paid with luca Pay in order to authenticate the payment. Guests can use their collected points for the rest.

How many luca Points can be collected at once?

The number of luca Points guests collect when paying with luca can vary between 5 and 10 percent of the invoice amount. The percentage depends on the particular luca promotion that is running at that time.

Good to know: Guests can collect up to 10,000 luca Points worth €100 per payment transaction.

This is how luca is introducing to the restaurant industry what is already common in the retail trade: a bonus system for loyal guests to build stable and long-term customer relationships.
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