Zwei lachende Baristas hinter einem Tresen. Das luca Locations U als Wasserzeichen darüber.

Embracing Moments –
with luca Points

luca Points are our offer to you and your guests to get the best out of your first-class moments. To answer all your questions about luca Points, we have compiled the most important questions and answers from our FAQs.

But not only your guests benefit from luca Points!
Because with luca, you increase the tip of your service staff, and also provide an additional one: with luca Points.

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We have the answers to your questions

We have developed a system that allows your guest to save time and money with every payment made with luca. With luca Points, guests can collect and redeem points at all participating luca locations, thus enjoying discounts.

Guests earn points when they pay in the luca app using a QR code. With each payment made through the app, they automatically collect luca Points.

To use points, an account in the app is required. Guests can easily and quickly create this account within the app.

If guests pay and collect points via the web app, they can transfer these points to the app for use by providing their email address after making the payment in the web app. It’s important to note: Points collected via the web app cannot be transferred if the cache is cleared or if browsing in incognito mode.

As a luca Ambassador, you can pay 50€ of your bill with luca Points – at least 1.00€ must be paid via luca Pay.

Guests cannot pay their entire bill with luca Points – at least 1.00€ must be paid via luca Pay. Additionally, a guest can collect up to 10,000 points per payment.

The collected points are valid for 3 months.