Long March Canteen
Contonese cuisine that touches the heart

The Long March Canteen in Kreuzberg skilfully cultivates the tradition of Cantonese cuisine. The Dim Sum and Dumplings with creative fillings alone are worth a visit!

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Through the semi-open kitchen, you can see the cooks at work and watch the freshly prepared dumplings steaming.

Among other Fine Dining Restaurants in Berlinthe Long March Canteen also is known for its ambiance – but in this case, paired with traditional Cantonese cuisine. The Asian aesthetics is reflected the first time you enter the restaurant.


Dark wood elements, traditional rotating lights, and stylish images of Cantonese culture create a special atmosphere. Aromatic fragrances stream through the room and fuel the anticipation of the upcoming taste experience.

Logo des Long March Canteen.

Cantonese elements combined with modern industrial style

For sunny days, Long March Canteen is one of the restaurants with beautiful outdoor seating. There, you’ll experience not only the hustle and bustle of the kitchen but also that of Wrangelstraße in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. With the floor-to-ceiling windows open, you’ll still have a view of the traditional elements inside Long March Canteen.


The cocktail menu includes, for example, the refreshingly fruity, non-alcoholic Sumatra Mule with mango purée, passion fruit, fresh lemon juice, fresh mint, and ginger beer.


The Créme Rouge with fruit tea, raspberry syrup, coconut milk, cranberries and honey complements this wonderfully.

Long March Canteen Pfannkuchen

“Let your chopsticks do the talking”

Der Eingang des Long March Canteen in Berlin Kreuzberg.

The Long March Canteen follows this slogan. Its speciality is fine Cantonese delicacies: Dim Sum. This translates as “Small delicacies that touch the heart”. Fits perfectly, because the best thing about them is you can perfectly share all the dishes with your loved ones and thus try many different fillings.


By the way, Long March Canteen has won the Bib Gourmand award for best value from the Guide MICHELIN several times!

Creatively interpreted Cantonese cuisine

Long March Canteen Gedeck

Fillings vary from tender octopus salad to succulent shrimp balls and traditional spring rolls. In addition to the à la carte dishes, you can choose between different menus, such as the summer menu or the “Master Alfons” menu with a selection of bestsellers. All menus include a colourful mix of hot and cold dim sum, as well as fried and steamed dumplings. Also included are many vegetarian and vegan delicacies.


The finale is a sweet dessert. A favourite is “The Real Thing” with baked super banana chunks that develop a crunchy sugar crust from a brief ice bath.


The nightcap of a successful evening could be an Espresso Martini, which can definitely join the other drinks on the list of the best cocktails in town.

Long March Canteen at a glance





The restaurant in 3 words:




Our recommendation:

“Master Alfons” menu for at least 3 guests, including all highlights of the menu

Suitable for:

People who want to discover Cantonese cuisine

Price range:


Opening hours:

Daily 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Friday and Saturday 6:00 pm – 11:30 pm


Wrangelstraße 20, 10997 Berlin

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