Lonely Hearts Cafe
“Comforting Breakfast with Friends”

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The Lonely Hearts Cafe in Berlin’s Schillerkiez has long since left the label “another breakfast café” in Neukölln behind. It is now an integral part of the local neighbourhood scene, where no one ever needs to feel lonely: The small eatery welcomes every guest with a cosy sense of community and gentle, fun nostalgia.

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The “family-run British café with an American diner twist” serves dishes designed to feel filling and comforting. Some of these include fluffy pancakes, savoury Fry-ups (traditional English breakfasts), breakfast muffins, and milkshakes – perfect companions for a lazy Sunday morning.


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“A Taste of Home”

British-born Nicola and Amy opened Lonely Hearts Cafe in October 2021, when the pandemic still dominated everyday life and people were restricted from meeting up outside their own four walls. With their café, the two Twin Peaks lovers have created a place that brings people together despite these adversities.


How do they do it? We asked.

How did the Lonely Hearts Cafe come to life, what was your vision?


“After Brexit and Covid we were missing a taste of home, it wasn’t so easy anymore just to fly back for a weekend. We figured we couldn’t be the only ones who were feeling a little homesick. Our concept was to bring people back together after COVID to reconnect after months of being apart from each other. We centred our concept around our love of nostalgic American Diner aesthetics (a la Twin Peaks) and a fondness for Dolly Parton.


On the food and drink side, we wanted to represent a comforting British breakfast (AKA the one and only “Fry Up”) best enjoyed with a cup of English breakfast tea, but we worked with a consultant chef who developed vegetarian and vegan options for our menu. They also were from the US, so they brought in a classic American pancake breakfast. Which we serve with our milkshakes and bottomless filter coffee.

“The main vision was to make our guests feel at home. Which is reflected in our service style as well.”

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What is your team like?


“Our team is incredible, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without them. They are talented service professionals who are experts in their field and truly care about the customer experience.


“They’re also big fans of luca, because it makes service much smoother and gives them more time to connect with the customer and have their hands free for the important things, like making sure they have everything they need during their visit with us.”



What can a guest expect from a visit to your location?


“Proper breakfast, decent portion sizes, and service with a smile. Some good vibes in an otherwise pretty bleak time! We try to bring a bit of fun to our Kiez.  



A special situation that highlights the spirit of your location?


“I guess what’s really sweet is that so many people choose to spend their special celebrations with us, birthdays, etc. There’s always this kind of buzz of childlike excitement where you get to treat yourself to all the sugar and decadence, even if it’s just for that one day. That’s something our team does a really good job, making a special occasion feel extra enjoyable.  



Do you have plans that you want to realize soon?


“We just launched the private event hire portion of our business, so we are now taking bookings for events when the café is closed. For example, a team event, wedding, birthday, or other celebration. We just love bringing people together, and this seems like a logical next step for us.

What is your favourite on the menu?


“For me, it’s got to be the American Slam. As Agent Cooper of Twin Peaks would say: Nothing beats the taste sensation when maple syrup collides with ham.


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Lonely Hearts Cafe at a glance


British and American Breakfast


Casual Dining

The restaurant in 3 words:



nostalgic fun

Amy’s recommendation:

The American Slam: Fluffy pancakes, bacon, maple syrup, eggs and hash browns

Suitable for:

People who love comfort food (and Twin Peaks)

Price range:


Opening hours:

Thursday to Monday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm


Mahlowerstr. 32, 12049 Berlin

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