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Felice Kushner, Inhaber des italienischen Restaurants Kushmann´s, Berlin.

Kushmann’s, Berlin – the first restaurant with luca Pay

The Italian restaurant Kushmann’s in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg is the first location to introduce luca Pay as a payment method. For host Felice Kuschner, the future of his restaurant and the gastronomy as a whole lies in the combination of good cuisine, personal service and digitization.

Kushmann’s is a place with history: Originally a Jewish butcher shop from 1904, it has hosted a wide variety of restaurants. Kuschner and his partner – both children of Ukrainian-Jewish immigrants – aim to combine this nostalgic flair with a contemporary customer experience, including digital ordering and payment options for their guests.

luca Pay at Kushmann’s: Focus on customers’ needs

Felice Kushner, Inhaber des italienischen Restaurants Kushmann´s, Berlin.

luca: Easy to handle and time well saved

When Kushmann’s opened in November 2021, spacing rules and capturing contact details led to a major challenge for the team. “luca was a good tool for us during the pandemic,” says Kuschner. “It’s easy to use and saved us quite a bit of time.”

Smooth experience through digital tools

From the very beginning, Kuschner and his partner have focused on contactless payment. Because next to personal customer care, digital service is important to them. For both, customer friendliness is the big benefit of digitization.

We want to make Kushmann’s interesting for modern people. We have this nostalgic look, but that won’t be enough to keep guests loyal in the long term. We also need to make them feel like they are living in the modern age. .
Felice Kuschner
Good soul of the restaurant Kushmann’s

Personal support from the luca team

Kuschner has found the activation of luca Pay to be hassle-free and intuitive. “It was rather quick,” he says. “I could enter everything into luca Locations, just scrolled through the menu, and if I needed help, I got it.” He expressly praises the support provided by luca: “The luca team took care of me personally. They called me and we went through the dashboard menu together. There were no difficulties. I thought that was great!”

Felice Kuschner is a born host. Everything in his restaurant revolves around making his visitors feel at home. At Kushmann’s, the chef personally serves the guests while telling both his own and the location’s story. It is like visiting friends. To offer not only a warm welcome and excellent Mediterranean cuisine, but also the freedom digital processes provide – this is Kuschner’s vision. Because, as he says: “When the guest leaves with a smile, it makes me happy.”

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