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Der gemütliche Gastraum des Zimt und Zucker, Berlin, mit hohen Decken, einem bodentiefen Fenster und langen beigen Vorhängen. Im Raum werden gerade zwei Gäste von einer Kellnerin bedient.

Zimt & Zucker, Berlin: Just feel good in the coffee house

About Zimt & Zucker

In the middle of Potsdamer Strasse with its galleries and designer stores, the coffee house Zimt & Zucker is like a haven of peace that invites you to take a break. The interior impresses with its high ceilings, the Wilhelminian and Art Nouveau furniture creates a cozy atmosphere for breakfast or a meal with a wrap or pasta plate.

Feel-good atmosphere in the 20s coffee house

Food & Drinks

Chef Madeleine and her team prepare everything from fresh ingredients from selected Berlin suppliers and manufactures. From it, they conjure up breakfasts that bear the names of dances, such as Rumba or Tango de Luxe. Some guests come to Zimt & Zucker, especially for the pancakes, reveals chef Sandra Zink, who sees herself not only as a listener but also as a source of ideas. Thus, the wraps surprise with ingredients such as wasabi mayo or tahini dressing. The strawberry-rhubarb crêpes are flavored with tonka cream and hazelnut. And the smoothies go by names like “Wild Berry” or “Immune Booster.”

We are located somewhere between art nouveau, fresh spirit, tradition and Berlin chic.
Sandra Zink
Co-owner Café Zimt & Zucker

What the hosts are interested in

Sandra Zink and her business partner Christiane Wotzka want to offer their guests dishes “that they wouldn’t make themselves like this, but think are ingenious.” A break from everyday life, that’s what a stay at the Cinnamon & Sugar is supposed to be. Guests can now find a luca QR code on the bills at Zimt & Zucker, which they can use to make contactless payments: The simple process – scan, add tip, complete payment digitally – saves time for staff and guests alike, rounding off the time-out in the coffee house.


This is what the luca team thinks

At Zimt & Zucker you can feel the heart and soul with which the hosts run their coffee house. This applies to the details of the facility as well as food and beverages.


Who is this for?

Lovers of cozy coffee house atmosphere and of sweet as well as savoury delicacies with high-quality and often unusual ingredients.

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