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How luca Pay works with the luca Locations app

luca makes payment intuitive: You and your employees can easily handle payments via luca Pay using the luca Locations app.

If you don’t have the luca Locations app yet, download it from the appstore and connect it to your luca Locations account via the “Smartphone” button (top right of your luca Locations dashboard). The same applies to your employees.

Payment process

In vier Schritten funktionieren Zahlungen mit der luca Locations-App.

To start the payment process, go to the “luca Pay” tab in your luca Locations app. You choose a table number and enter the amount to pay. Your luca Locations app will display the QR code of the table that you have the guest scan (alternatively, printed QR codes can be used and scanned by the guest). The guest makes the payment independently in his luca app. You will then see a payment confirmation on your smartphone – including tip.

How you and your staff benefit from luca Pay

Your service staff and guests complete all steps mobile on their smartphones. The payment process is completely contactless. You don’t need a card reader and during the early bird phase until the end of 2022 you have no transaction fees.
When paying, guests can choose between different tip percentages (up to 20%). Incidentally, the first luca locations are already reporting that guests are giving higher tips on average as a result, so your service staff have more income at the end of the day.

Control and refund payments

Your employees can easily check incoming payments in different ways – either in the luca Locations app on their smartphone, in luca Locations on their desktop, or – if the POS system is connected – directly in the cash register.

If you want to refund a payment, you go to the payment history of the relevant area. You go to the payment in question and tap the “Refund” button. Subsequently, the amount paid will be credited to the guest. Please note that direct refunds via luca Pay can only be made if your current available balance is sufficient.

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