Monumental Feast for the Palate

The restaurant Gendarmerie in Berlin has many regulars who appreciate that they are part of a big family here. In addition to the nice German-French brasserie cuisine and the sophisticated wine list, they also appreciate the atmosphere that comes from the monumental works of art in the dining room.


Above all, the “Bacchanale” by the Franco-Canadian artist Jean-Yves Klein, the largest wooden relief in the world, gives the room a special aura. Guests dine under a panorama of ancient poets, gods, nymphs, and muses in poppy, bright colours.

Ein Teller mit Tatar, Ei und Kräutern
Der große Gastraum des Restaurants Gendarmerie in Berlin mit Holzrelief Bacchanal von Jean-Yves Klein

Anna Maaß was bitten by the gastronomic bug as a child when she worked in her parents’ hotel. In her Gendarmerie, she can fully live out her passion for guest culture.

“When a house is really filled,” she says, “and it really takes off on all sides, that’s a feeling you can’t describe. You either hate it or you love it. I really love it.” During hotel school, however, she lost interest in the restaurant business because she had to work when her friends went out partying. She was about to drop out of college, but her parents vetoed it.


She completed the apprenticeship, but after that, she wanted to do something else. So continued her education and worked in human resources for many years. Until – in her early fifties – she found her way back to her passion, gastronomy.

Die Geschäftsführerin der Gendarmerie, Anna Maria Maaß, sitzt am Tresen der Gendarmerie

“I need to be creative!”

It is precisely this kind of challenge that appeals to Anna Maaß. She puts it this way, “I need to be able to make a difference, I need to be creative, and I need to make things happen.” The most important thing for her is to form a team that gives the house a soul. The guest should get “a living room feeling”. This is supported by the fact that the staff of the Gendarmerie consists exclusively of long-term employees.


Anna Maaß vehemently disagrees when she hears someone say that he or she is “just waiting staff”. And explains: “A good waiter not only has specialist knowledge, but is also a service provider from the heart, team player, actor and therapist. He must have a good physical constitution and, above all, he must be willing to perform and be educated in order to have a say. He must also be gifted in languages. Our staff all speak at least two languages.”

Anna Maaß recommends: the classic Wiener Schnitzel accompanied by a glass of Imperial, a full-bodied red wine from Austria.

Hummer aus der Gendarmerie Berlin.

Gendarmerie combines classic elegance, design and modern art.

Der Speisesaal der zur Gendarmerie gehörenden Austernbank in Berlin-Mitte

Gendarmerie at a glance




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