Service staff love luca

At luca, we understand the challenges of service. With our solutions, we not only help to optimize the entire operational process, but also want to actively support service staff. This is why from now on, your service staff will benefit every time your guests pay with luca Points.

Advantages for service staff at a glance


More tip

*average experience

luca Points

With each payment of your guests your staff also collect points


More time for
personal service

Innovative restaurateurs
relieve their service staff

With the new solutions from luca, service staff benefit twice over: by saving time and collecting luca Points.

Happy customers

Revolutionize your restaurant and free yourself from inefficient day-to-day operations with the luca Locations app.

Gäste beim Genießen eines Grillmenüs im japanischen Restaurant Ushido in Berlin.

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We have the answers to your questions

luca Locations is the operator:inside tool from luca. This platform maps several services, such as luca Pay. With luca Locations, it is also possible to provide guests with menus, seating plans, WLAN and other information via QR code.

Yes. If you activate luca Discovery in luca Locations, your location will be displayed in the luca app under “Discovery”. This way you enable luca app users to search and find your location effortlessly.

It’s easy: Here you can register your location quickly and easily. You can also create multiple locations in your account.

Yes. With the luca Locations app, you can organize your day-to-day business on the move and control many services conveniently from your smartphone.

We are making a comprehensive digitalization offer to the hospitality industry. This means that we digitize the entire process from check-in to ordering to payment. So we use our technology exactly where it makes your everyday business easier. This leaves you more time for what really counts: your guests. With this, we are continuing with luca where we started.

Depending on which checkout experience you choose, luca can be integrated with different checkout systems. We will be happy to clarify which variant you can use during the set-up process.

We have developed a system that allows your guest to save time and money every time they pay with luca. With luca Points, guests can collect and use points at all participating luca locations and thus take advantage of discounts.

For the start with luca Points we take over 10% of the bill. In addition, the guest automatically receives luca Points, which can be used on the next visit. With each additional bill paid via the luca app, guests automatically collect luca Points and can use the points saved as a discount – or continue saving. – Without an account, guests can collect luca Points – but use is only possible with an account and with the app. Guests can quickly and easily create an account in the app. If a guest has paid via the webapp and collected luca Points, they can simply transfer them to the app to use the points. Here’s how it works: – The guest must enter his email address via the webapp after making a payment (he is actively prompted to do so). – Once the cache is cleared or if an incognito tab is used, luca points collected via the webapp are not transferable.

The guest cannot pay his entire bill with luca Points – at least € 1.00 must be paid via luca Pay. In addition, when making a payment, the guest can collect up to 10,000 points, equivalent to €100.00. In the first version, the guest cannot choose how many of the collected points are redeemed – either all points can be used or none.