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Zwei Frauen beim Essen an einem Tisch in einem Restaurant mit breitem Grinsen und Hand vor dem Mund vor lachen.

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luca relieves you and your loved ones of complicated and inefficient processes that disrupt your everyday lives. With luca you save time – so you can experience more of life together.

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luca helps you shape your social life digitally. You can use the luca App to find locations, pay, access additional information such as menus, store vaccination and test certificates, and much more.

As a guest you save time and stress with luca. By paying your restaurant bill quickly and easily in the app, you don’t have to wait for the service staff and can experience your visit exactly as you planned it: with good food and nice company. For service staff, this means that they no longer have to coordinate time-consuming payment processes. This allows them to provide you with a more personalized and stress-free service. By the way: You can also tip for this good service directly in the app with luca. We’re currently working on additional features to make your restaurant experience even more awesome.

luca Points is our offer to you to make the most of your first-class moments. For this we have developed a system that allows you to save time and money every time you pay with luca. With luca Points, you can collect or use points at participating luca locations to take advantage of discounts.

To save on your bill with your collected points, scan the luca QR code with your luca App as usual. After you start the payment process, you will see how many points you have available and how many points you will collect with the payment for your next visits. Choose whether you want to use your accumulated points for this payment. Then the app will show you your reduced amount, which you then confirm.

No. Your bank and payment details are not stored in our system, but only processed by Rapyd. This is an established payment provider that focuses on the European market and local requirements. You can find more info about Rapyd here. In addition to being processed by Rapyd, the data resides locally in your app on your smartphone and is thus not visible to anyone but you – only you can access the data stored for your payments at Rapyd.

Yes. You don’t have to worry about your data and payment information. These are protected and processed in accordance with the GDPR. The transactions are carried out by Rapyd, an established payment provider that focuses on the European market and local requirements. You can find more info about Rapyd here. In addition, we place particular emphasis on data protection and act in accordance with the GDPR. You can find everything about data security at luca in our privacy policy.

Of course, this should not happen. If you get an error message or encounter any other problem with luca, you can always contact our support: Just email us and describe your problem to us. Our support team will get back to you as soon as possible and try to find a solution.

None. For you as a user, luca remains free of charge. You only pay your restaurant bill and possible tip.