All about luca

luca started with the goal of enabling social life with a view to gastronomy and culture. This includes removing paperwork and the hassle that comes with it in restaurants, bars, and cafés.

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Now we offer a comprehensive digitization package to the gastronomy industry. We digitize the entire process, from check-in to ordering to payment in the luca App.

This page gives an overview of frequently asked questions about luca. Answers about using the app and luca Locations can be found here:

FAQ page

This page provides an overview of frequently asked questions about luca and the luca system. The list will be extended as needed. If you have a question about using the app, our FAQ page will help you.

What can the luca App do?

luca helps shape social life digitally. With the luca App, restaurants can be found, guests can pay there, call up additional information such as the menu or deposit their vaccination and test certificates.

A restaurant bill can be easily settled via app without the need for long wait for the service staff. Tipping for good service can also be done easily via the app. Data only needs to be stored once. They are saved in the app so that the next time you go to a restaurant, you can focus on what’s important: good food and nice company. We are currently working on additional features to make restaurant visits a great experience – without any stress or waiting time.

Is the data in the luca App secure?

Yes! Data and payment information are secure in the luca App. These are protected and processed in accordance with the GDPR. Transactions are handled by Rapyd, an established payment provider focused on the European market and local requirements. More info about Rapyd you can find here.

We place particular emphasis on data protection and act in accordance with the GDPR. You can find everything about data security at luca in our Privacy policy.

Why does luca offer discounts?

The most reliable figures on usage around luca are provided and regularly updated on our home page.

Here’s the thing: Paying with EC cards or cash is not particularly practical, but it works in most cases. If you haven’t used luca to pay yet, you don’t know how much more intuitively paying a bill can be. We would like to give you an incentive to try out the new system. The fact that we can at the same time perhaps offer a little support when prices are getting higher and higher is a positive side effect.

What do we want to create with our new functions, and what is the vision?

We are creating a digital platform for guests that enhances their overall dining experience and strengthens the connection between guests and their favourite restaurants. But it also works for other areas of social and cultural life.


With the luca App, we are starting exactly where we left off with the contact tracing

We use technology to make everyday life easier, leaving time for what really matters.

During the pandemic, we quickly eliminated paperwork, digitized contact tracing, and made life easier for 450,000 businesses.

During this time, we received a lot of feedback from gastronomes and realized that they are not yet as far along in terms of digitization as they would like to be. So we rolled up our sleeves.


And what happened to the tax money that you got through the contracts with the states?

luca is not the result of a public contract. At our own expense and risk, we built a solution that worked. It wasn’t until thousands of locations were already in that the states stepped in. The contracts were limited to one year and have not been active since spring 2022.

For the further development of the luca technology and the expansion into further European markets, luca has received seed financing in the amount of 30 million Euros in spring 2022.

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