Deposit vaccination and recovery records
2G Proof in your luca App

Anywhere you need to show proof of vaccination or recovery, have it on your phone. Quite simply, in the luca App.

Obtain proof from pharmacy / doctor / vaccination centre

Tap the “Add Document” button in the luca app.

Scan QR code on proof

With luca, you have all the information you need for your visit to a location quickly at hand in one place.

No. Your vaccination card is still important. The fact that you can store vaccination certificates in the luca app is an additional service that helps you to have your vaccination certificate quickly and digitally at hand. By the way, you should also keep your analog proofs well. The vaccination record is not stored in the luca system, so if you ever lose your smartphone, we cannot recover your vaccination record.

It’s easy: In the “My luca” section, you can insert your vaccination or convalescence certificate – and always have it with you. After entering or accepting the data at the point of issue, a vaccination certificate code is generated. You can scan this code directly with the scanner under “My luca”.

The code for your digital vaccination or recovery record can be generated at pharmacies, doctor’s offices, or the Immunization Center. It’s best to ask when you get your vaccination, otherwise you can get it after the fact with your vaccination card at the places mentioned.

Yes of course! The app will then indicate that you still need the second vaccination for immunization.

Yes, you can! Only in your luca app you can use each code only once. We also recommend that you keep a backup of the code somewhere other than in your smartphone. If you ever lose your smartphone, we cannot restore the code because no backup is stored in the luca system for data protection reasons.

All digital immunization records are created only temporarily in the immunization record system and then deleted. The vaccination certificate itself is only stored locally on your smartphone. Everything that is stored in the luca system is a hash, which ensures that the vaccination record is not stored more than once. For this reason, it’s also important to keep your analog proofs in case you ever lose your smartphone.

Storing proof of vaccination in the app is just as safe as using your own smartphone itself. This is because the integration only takes place if you actively decide to store your result in the luca app on your smartphone. Each vaccination record can only be read into the luca app once. In this way, we limit the possible misuse of vaccination certificates. However, you should be careful not to share screenshots or photos of the vaccination record – it should be kept as secure as other personal documents.

If the deposit of the vaccination certificate does not work for you, it may be due to the following reasons:

・Name does not match・
A vaccination certificate can only be deposited if the name on the vaccination certificate matches the name deposited in the app.

For example, if you did not previously enter a middle name in the app, but the middle name is on the immunization record, you must first match your name in the app. You can do this in the “Check in” tab by clicking on the three dots in the top corner, which open the menu. There you can correct your name under “Edit contact details”.

・App version too old・
Please make sure you have the latest version of luca installed. Older app versions may not yet support the vaccination certificate import.

No, the health department cannot see your immunization record. Proof of vaccination is not transmitted via the luca system even in the event of infection.

The system ensures that the proof of vaccination can only be deposited once. Even if you delete the app, you will not be able to add the vaccination record again. However, we are working on the fact that you can delete the hash that prevents multiple deposit in different luca apps. Then it will be possible to deposit the vaccination certificate again after a smartphone change.

Your proofs are not stored in the system, but only locally on your smartphone. Everything that is stored in the system is a hash, which ensures that the vaccination record is not stored more than once. luca can’t recover your credentials if you ever lose your smartphone.