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Punkte sammeln mit luca ist hier dargestellt als Sparschwein, in das eine Münze mit der Aufschrift "u" gesteckt wird.

Collect points and save money with luca

With luca you can not only go out stress-free, but also enjoy other benefits. And this is how it works: Simply collect luca Points every time you visit a restaurant and save.

Imagine you are having dinner with friends. You have a really nice evening. After dessert, espresso and a cocktail to finish, scan the luca QR code to pay. Your luca app will show you the amount to pay and before you tap pay, luca will automatically take 10% of your invoice amount (up to 100 euros) as part of the current discount promotion.

luca Points – the first loyalty points system for the catering industry

Similar to other loyalty campaigns, from then on you collect points, so-called luca points, when you pay with your luca app. luca credits you with a portion of your bill in luca Points, which you can redeem the next time you visit a restaurant, if you want. However, you can continue to collect loyalty points and then eventually pay a larger portion of your bill with luca Points.

Good to know: You must pay at least 1.00 euro of the invoice amount with luca to authenticate the transaction. You can use points for the rest.


The new “My luca” tab

In the new “My luca” tab, you can now see the current status of your luca Points in addition to the overview of your documents, your payments and the luca locations you have visited.

Die Darstellung eines Smartphones mit Anzeige des Dashboard der luca App. Darauf zu sehen, die Anzahl der gesammelten luca Points und Flächen zu verschiedenen Funktionen.

How many luca Points can I collect at once?

The number of luca Points you collect when you pay with luca can vary – between 5 and 10 percent of your invoice amount. The percentage depends on the luca action that is running at that time.

Good to know: Per payment transaction you can up to 10.000 luca Points worth 100 euros per payment.

If you want to save time and money with luca, you can download the app here.

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