Ciao Chang
Japanese-Bavarian Tapas for Plain Fun

Ciao Chang’s unique concept enriches Munich’s gastronomy scene with a place that plays with traditions, making it more international, sustainable, and interesting.

Miso-Aubergine mit Ramen, Tempura, Furikake und Lauch aus dem Ciao Chang in München.
Miso-Aubergine mit Ramen, Tempura, Furikake und Lauch.
Ein mit japanischen Gerichten gedeckter Tisch in einem Gastraum mit traditionell bayerischer Wandvertäfelung.
Inside Ciao Chang. © Ciao Chang

Rustic wall panelling, cosy seating areas, the scent of bygone pub days – Ciao Chang has taken a lot from the past, but created something entirely its own.

It all starts with the fact that the premises of Ciao Chang previously housed the well-known traditional Munich pub “Beim Franz”. It exuded charm and cosiness with its rustic dark wood wall panelling, limited space, and urbane Bavarian menu.


The Ciao Chang has taken over much of this: The dark wall panelling has remained, and the cosiness too. But the pub is experiencing an unusual renaissance with its new tenants and their motto, “A kind of Izakaya.”

Logo Ciao Chang
Das Logo des Ciao Chang ist genauso nett wie das Team.

“A kind of Izakaya”

The team around Daniel Wäcker and Viet-Dúc Nguyen skilfully draws an international bow to the typical Japanese pubs (Izakaya), which are just as dim, small, and sociable as their Bavarian sisters. However, the team brought the space to life with flashy wallpaper moments, Japanese-inspired decor, and a lot of love.


The perfect ambiance, therefore, to translate Bavarian, regional ingredients of the highest quality into the culinary high standards of Japan. What sounds uncompromising is shown in a relaxed, playful way in Ciao Chang – because the raw taste experience is the focus here.


Fun Fusion

Nori-Karotten in Schmand-Creme aus dem Ciao Chang in München.
Nori-Karotten in Schmand-Creme.

By breaking down Bavarian dishes into their component parts and reassembling them in a Japanese-inspired way, chef Daniel Wäcker creates small fusion tapas that are meant to be shared with others alone. With it also many vegetarian and vegan appetizers.


Popular and meanwhile elevated to the classic of the house is for example the Cauliflower Karaage: crispy coated Bavarian cauliflower with truffle mayonnaise and chilli on top. The dish is based on the Japanese recipe for fried chicken – karaage.


A reservation at Ciao Chang is worthwhile, because the seats are limited, and the restaurant is very popular. Also, because exciting events often take place here.

Ciao Chang at a glance





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Our recommendation:

Enjoy the 5-course sharing menu plus wine pairing with the right people!

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Adventurous & sociable

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Opening hours:

Tuesday – Sunday 5:30 pm – 11:30 pm

Kitchen until 22:00


Holzstraße 41, 80469 Munich

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