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Together, we are revolutionizing the restaurant business in Germany. Join us on our journey – lower your costs, update your service into the digital age, and find more time for your guests.

luca Locations is growing and gleams with new functions

We utilize our technology to make your business day easier. This leaves more time for what really matters: your guests.

Our services now start with luca Pay

We offer you a comprehensive digitalization package by revolutionizing the entire gastronomy process – from discovery to ordering to payment.

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With luca, you digitalize your gastronomic processes: From discovery to ordering and payment. We use our technology exactly where it makes your daily business easier. This leaves you more time for what really counts: your guests.

luca Locations is the tool for operators.


This tool forms a platform that comprises:

  • luca Locations App for mobile devices and

  • Web Locations – the online portal for Locations.

This platform integrates several luca functions, such as luca Pay and Reservations.

Web Locations: The central hub for operators.


Through Web Locations…

  • … you can track all your payment transactions clearly, in real-time, from anywhere.

  • … you can cash out your earnings anytime and generate reports for flexibly adjustable time windows automatically.

  • … you can manage your tables and areas, as well as set your preferences for Pay and Reservations.

  • … you can design your visibility to guests: select keywords that describe your ambiance and cuisine, add opening hours, and Wi-Fi access details, link your website or your menu, and provide your Wi-Fi access details.

  • … you can give your staff additional tips in the form of luca Points.

Sign in now: https://app.luca-app.de/login

luca Locations App: The tool for daily use – especially for service staff.


Through the luca Locations app…

  • … you can oversee all your payment transactions clearly, in real-time, and from any location.

  • … you can generate QR codes for manual payments with just one click.

Download now: App Store / Google Play Store.

Yes! If you activate the discovery function in your Web Locations profile, your location will be displayed in the luca app in the “Discover” section. Enhance your appearance by adding your menu, website, opening hours, and descriptions. This way, you attract the attention of luca app users to your location and convince them of your offer.

luca can be integrated into various cash register systems like Vectron, Hypersoft, Gastronovi, eCOS, Lightspeed, etc. We’ll be happy to discuss how luca can be implemented for you during the setup process.

luca Points is the first comprehensive loyalty point system for guests and service staff:

For every payment with luca, your guests collect luca Points. Your service staff receive tips in the form of luca Points for every payment. You don’t have to set anything up for guests at your location to collect points. Learn how your service staff can collect points here: luca Points.

Guests receive luca Points with every payment they make through the luca app.

You don’t need to set anything up for guests to collect points at your location. With every payment, your guest can choose to use the collected points for a discount or continue accumulating them.

If a guest pays without the luca app, they can still collect points but can’t use them. However, by simply transferring to the app, the points can be used.

Here’s how: After payment through the web app, the guest is prompted to enter their email address. Once done, they’ll receive a confirmation email. Upon logging into the luca app with the confirmed email, the collected luca Points become immediately available.

Important: If the cache is cleared or an incognito tab is used, points collected through the web app are forfeited.

The guest cannot pay his entire bill with luca Points – at least € 1.00 must be paid via luca Pay. In addition, when making a payment, the guest can collect up to 10,000 points, equivalent to €100.00. In the first version, the guest cannot choose how many of the collected points are redeemed – either all points can be used or none.

Our support is available to you 24/7. You can reach us at +49 30 221 838 555 or by email at locations@luca-app.de.