3 Hours of Sustainable Fine Dining

The Bonvivant in Berlin is a culinary gem for all gourmets. With its exquisite vegetarian and vegan cuisine and its ecological concept, the Cocktail Bistro shows how sustainable Fine Dining can look like.

Ein Teller mit Gurken Sashimi aus dem Bonvivant.

The well-rehearsed team regularly adapts the menu to the season in order to use fresh ingredients and always give its guests new taste experiences.

At Bonvivant on Goltzstraße, you’ll experience fresh cuisine in a stylish bar atmosphere. “The guest gets an all-around experience here,” says Elias Heintz, bar manager at Bonvivant.


Because both the dishes and the drinks here hold surprising moments in store – for example, by using spruce needles, pine cones, cherry leaves, or currant wood in the kitchen. Or vetiver, artichoke spirit, and ponzu, an Asian herbal decoction, in the drinks.


With a lot of finesse and dedication, the team relies exclusively on regional and seasonal ingredients and thus creates exclusively vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Soul caressing Brunch at Bonvivant

Brunch at Bonvivant guarantees you three hours of pleasurable relaxation. Wednesday through Sunday, the star restaurant coaxes that certain something out of its hand-picked ingredients.


The team creates soul-stirring dishes like Eggs Benedict with miso hollandaise, Grilled Cheese Stulle, and sweet brioche pancakes with currant wood. The final touch is given by creative and homemade drinks, such as peach & vetiver frozé or vodka-goat cheese cocktails.

Gedeckte Tische im Separé des Bonvivant, die Wände sind dekoriert mit asiatischen Schirmen.

Bonvivant means “living well” – a fitting name, then, to describe the owners’ ingenious concept.

Inside Bonvivant Berlin

The Bonvivant team consciously focuses on sustainable gastronomic concepts and constantly sets new goals to reduce its ecological footprint: Instead of tea lights, they use rechargeable table lamps. Instead of kitchen paper they use eyeglass cleaning cloths, and instead of fresh flowers, guests can enjoy their dried siblings even longer now.


The team has another project in the wings: In the future, guests of studio32 can, among other things, “cook, mix, and celebrate” under guidance.

Bonvivant at a glance



vegetarian & vegan

star decorated

The restaurant in 3 words:




Our recommendation:

The non-alcoholic marshmallow & dragon chili cocktail with hibiscus, chili, raspberry and verjus

Suitable for:

People who want to eat very well and sustainably

Price range:


Opening hours:

Dinner & Drinks: Tue to Sat from 18:00

Brunch: Wed to Sun 10:00 am – 3:00 pm


Goltzstraße 32, 10781 Berlin

More info:

on the website of the Bonvivant