At luca it always has been
about you and it always will be.

And every “You” is different.

Hello, we are luca

We, that is culture4life GmbH with origin in Berlin. We develop and operate luca.

luca aims to give people secure and effective technologies they can use specifically to simplify their everyday lives, their work, and their digital exchanges with each other – while retaining full control over their data and their digital lives.

luca was designed, developed, and established in Germany. Behind the luca App is culture4life GmbH, and most of the team is based in Berlin.

Our history

luca was launched in the summer of 2020 with the goal of providing support to the catering, event and cultural industries so that social life is possible despite the pandemic. luca was initiated by neXenio GmbH and a number of creative artists such as the Fantastischen Vier.

The whole story

What distinguishes us

Our team is united by two things above all:

  1. We are sure that many everyday processes can be simplified through digital means.
  2. We have a strong drive to put our plans into action.

We plan big – and love to bring those plans to life

We believe that we can help shape change – not someday, but right now. It is not enough for us to come up with a good idea; we are not satisfied until we see the results of our work in action.

The management team

Patrick Henning


Philipp Berger


Philipp Eisbacher


We are looking for U

Become part of the luca team and actively support the gastronomy, event, and culture scene.