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Bunte Speisen auf einem Tisch des Restaurants Amrit, Berlin.

A new generation is changing gastronomy. Part 1: Amrit, Berlin

Many gastronomy businesses are facing a generational shift. The young ones who are taking over now want to get off to a flying start in uncertain times. Most agree on how to succeed: with good service and digital tools. 

The Indian restaurant Amrit is a family business. The founding generation – the Bans brothers from northern India, who have made their home in Berlin – have handed over the management of the now four restaurants to their sons. Sunny Bans is the manager of the Amrit restaurant in Oranienburger Straße, Berlin Mitte. He relies on the luca system because it brings him closer to his goal of digitalising all his day-to-day restaurant business processes. 

“As a manager, you have a lot of responsibility and you have to keep in mind what needs to be done,” he says. “Many processes, such as reservations, eat up time and are a constant headache. With digital tools, it’s much easier and faster.” He adds: “The perfect solution is when all processes are automated via one tool.” 


luca is great for the customer because it’s a very simple process: you scan the QR code, see the amount, click two or three times and you’ve paid. You don’t have to wait for the staff to find time to pay you and then ask you: cash or card? That takes a lot of time. And that’s exactly the time you save with luca

Sunny Bans
Manager of the restaurant Amrit Oranienburger Straße

Fast payments & higher tips

In the four Amrit restaurants in Berlin, the young managers are on-site up to twelve hours a day. As digital natives, they have introduced smartphones for the service staff. All waiting personnel work with iPhones. If a guest wants to pay with luca, they scan the QR code from the waiting staff’s smartphone. According to Sunny Bans, the waitresses and waiters also benefit from this: “The staff are very enthusiastic about luca because they get a much higher tip. They get 20 to 30 % more. The tip rates preset in the luca App play a big role in this,” he says. “The likelihood that the staff will get a good tip is much higher than usual.” 

Automated service with original Indian flair
Der Gastraum des indischen Restaurants Amrit in Berlin
Team Play

According to Sunny, the Amrit and luca teams play well together: “With luca it has always been like this: No matter what happened, no matter what you needed, they were there, they solved the problem and always implemented everything quickly. In the early stages, they were in our location every day, sitting here for hours to test everything. Because of that, we have a personal relationship with luca.”


We feature the young generation

In our series of topics, we introduce restaurateurs of the younger generation and show how they want to make their businesses fit for the future. The focus is on the digitization of everyday gastronomic processes.

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